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Conscious Smoke House

Womb Magick

Womb Magick

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This herbal blend is specifically designed for women to use as a nourishing tonic to support your well-being through all changes and stages (especially during your menstrual) These herbs are all known for Pain Relieving, aiding in PMS, Bloating, Cramps and more. This blend is what you need. Your life giving abilities are superpowers and need to be cared for as such. Replenish yourself for your Womb is Magickal. 

Ideal for personal and social Self Ceremonies.
Pre-rolled - Qty. 10
Loose Tin - 15g

About conscious smoking:

When smoking is done mindlessly, and in excess, it will lead to an imbalance in the body. (Just as will eating ice cream or staring at a screen questioning human existence. etc.). 

Mindlessly doing ritualistic acts is a time of the past. We do things Presently and with intent. (period pooh) Conscious smoking is a way to connect with the magic of plants. Before modern times became so “sophisticated” it was very common for many things, if not everything, to possess spirits/magical powers. Spirits were related to personalities which were said to inhabit all sorts of things: plants, animals, places, times of day, and even seasons of the year, just to name a few. Consciously Connecting with the magic of plants is a ceremony of purpose and Smoking them is a powerful act. It's a function of purification when done with intent. Smoking is a transference of information/magic that the receiver feels in a delectable way. 

Conscious smoking is an appropriate use of plants and as such is a choice powered by intent (purpose). It’s done for pleasure, for the connection to the Spirits it invokes and, as a positive experience.

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