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Phase 1 - Electrical Y.O.U.

Phase 1 - Electrical Y.O.U.

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This Elixir is for conscious amplification. Take 4 to 25 drops or 4 to 5 sprays daily (or as intuitively guided) to reawaken your Pineal gland and to supercharge the Thalamus in the brain to help with creativity and manifesting on the next level. This will propel you to a new level in your spiritual journey to expanding yourself to higher dimensions and more. Alchemically this is to raise your frequency and affect you on a cellular level for higher and more primary frequencies. This is all about purification, and purification is about removal. Densities and blockages are whats removed. Note that this is the starting point, yet a very powerful alchemy and MUST be treated with honor and respect like any Intelligence. There is no need to overdo it. taking more won't necessarily speed up the process, nor be the best way to do it. Your body is INTELLIGENT, and functions according to the cellular programming at it's own pace. TRUST that.

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