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Motha Civ's Herb Co

Multi-Vitamin (liquid) - 16oz.

Multi-Vitamin (liquid) - 16oz.

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Don't just take your vitamins and minerals - enjoy them from Motha Civ's Hatchings. This high-potency supplement provides all 16 essential vitamins and a powerful Base of minerals. Our Multi-Vit delivers an essential blend of ingredients that boost immunity, mental alertness and energy while supporting healthy blood sugar maintenance, appetite control and hormone balance. Our Multi-Vit by Motha Civ acts faster in the body than normal tablet or capsule vitamins. This blend puts together the best quality herbs to help nourish your body. No need to take processed multivitamins that are filled with synthetic ingredients and fillers. This blend has exactly what your body needs, it's packed with vitamins and minerals that improves whole body health. Rich in chlorophyll, iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium and amino acids, as well as aids in balancing hormones, cleansing the liver and kidneys.



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Customer Reviews

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Amanda Clifford
Amanda Clifford

If I could promote this company, I would💜. I've had bariatric surgery and have had alot of other issues too that really hindered my taste. I've had problems with taking pills, gummies ect. For vitamins. But this is really tasty and to me, it kinda tastes like 🍯 honey! I keep it in my fridge, it's good chilled! Thank you so much for this product! I do feel a difference in the way I feel and I've only been taking it 3 days! I will be buying again! God bless!!

Size: 16 oz fl oz

Tina Lawson
changed woman

Love this multi! Gives me energy and helped my hair to stop falling out. This is my second bottle. Fast shipping and packed with so much care. 🍁🍃🍂 thanks again.


First I want to say, LIGHTNING speed shipping! I was actually shocked on how fast it was shipped & at my door.. Perfectly packaged & they taste INCREDIBLY good! Thank you so much! I’ll definitely be returning for more.

Marlene Smith
Gave Me so Much Energy.

The Idea of taking a multivitamin in powdered stiff form, really sickened me.
I found Motha Civ's on Etsy and started my journey there. To my surprise she had a Liquid Multivitamin, and boy was i excited. I purchased 1 and now it is apart of my Life. I say all this to say GREAT PRODUCT!.