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Motha's purse candies-daily essential pocket remedies bundle

Motha's purse candies-daily essential pocket remedies bundle

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Moms have everything in their bags, a total lineup of essentials, she stays ready so she doesn't have to get ready. We all have memories of the goodies in our mother’s purse. From the tissues, to the hard candy for the whining child who’s ready to leave, the pacifier, or a band aid and salve for a random injury, Let’s not forget the gel for the teeth, the sandwich baggy of goldfish or fruit snacks, sippy cups to crayons and coloring books and now a days an iPad is in there too. Though sometimes insignificant these contents are pieces of love expressed in meaningful ways

It is these acts of love that inspired Motha’s Purse Candy. These daily essential supplements are curated especially for the needs of our bodies as they adapt to our life’s routines. These supplements are a trio of the soothing components… just like Mom had that piece of candy or salve to the rescue. Whether a morning cleanse, an afternoon energizer, or an evening unwind. It’s all in your purse. Pocket remedies for the win. Daily doses of the essentials. 

Cleanse: This is a gentle herbal cleansing that allows the body to effectively and continually eliminate toxins while reducing the risk of toxins recirculating in the body.

Energy: A natural aid for promoting a boost in energy. When fatigue hits midday, it can make it difficult to focus on much of anything. It can cause symptoms like frequent yawning, mood swings, irritability, and cravings. This blend may improve mental clarity and memory, as well as improving endurance, stamina, mood and motivation. 

Unwind: This blend supports both the body and mind to promote a deep sense of mental and physical relaxation. When our days are packed and our minds are restless and overstimulated, rest, relaxation and sleep may not come as easily as we’d like — especially for those prone to feeling “wired but tired.”

Pocket Remedies

  • Liquid Herbal Extracts and tinctures are the most rapidly and efficiently absorbed of any preparation.
  • An herb, once tinctured, will retain its medicinal properties longer than in most other preparations.
  • The organic alcohol grain base we use acts as an excellent preservative, maintaining the integrity of the herb.
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The Total Package

Life here in the States comes with an all out assault on our heath. Products like these are tools to help us not only survive but fight back.