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Goddess Ritual Candle Set

Goddess Ritual Candle Set

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Purple candles are used mainly in the works of open paths of personal land, as well as those that are aimed at eliminating bad energies and opening the roads to receiving inherent Abundance. If you want to do something big, this is the color you should use, since the color purple is the color of the expansion of what you already have, in all its forms.
Purple expands everything you want, such as spirituality, business, money, health, or love.
Purple candles represent the wise master and guardian of hidden knowledge, unconscious wisdom, the higher self.
People with purple or violet in their auras are sensitive and extremely conscious.

Now that we have that out of the way. The Magickal Vibration/Frequency of Purple is the reason for this candle which represents YOU. Light with Intention and KNOW that whatever it is you desire is already yours and you are opening the way to receive it.

*Candles represent the levels in which we exist. The WAX corresponds to our physical bodies, the WICK to our mind, and the FLAME to our soul or spirit.
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