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Chocolate Fix Adaptogen: Revitalizing Supplement

Chocolate Fix Adaptogen: Revitalizing Supplement

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Well if your gonna drink chocolate you might as well get some health benefits from it too.

ADAPT. A word that comes to mind when I think about the past year and a half. If you think about that 'adapt' long enough, it may be the story of life. We've all bounced back time and time again, but what happens when your mind and body wasn't - Kevin Hart "she wasn't reeaadyyy - or isn't able to "bounce back" in a way that you may have been used to. Well in high stress environments our bodies react before we actually are aware of the incoming stress. I'm saying this to say taking care of oneself during such an uncomfortable time is at thee top of the list of priorities.....soooo get to it sis lol... ADAPTOGENS increase the body's resistance to stress and normalizes the immune system. Basically adaptogens gives your body a suit of armor, protection from stressful environments, they block intrusive energies and keep your body cool, calm, and collected. Personally speaking they are the jam 🤫. The other plus is that I mean CHOCOLATE 🍫 DUH.

Ingredients: Cacoa powder, Lions mane Mushroom, Chaga Mushroom, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Allspice, Coconut Milk Powder, Clove, Nutmeg, Guaruna

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