About Us

In 2016 Motha Civ’s Hatchings started as a wellness project. A quest to heal myself from the debilitating pain I was experiencing in my hips and legs as well as cystic acne that developed in my adult years. After years of training and research I had become my own guinea pig. I was convinced that the traditional ways of western medicine was not the route I wanted to take as everything seemed to put a band aid on the ailment and not actually cure it. It’s been a ride yet I have completely relieved myself of the pain I was experiencing both in my legs and hips as well as the acne. My journey has taken me deeper into the practice of herbal healing to include mental and vibrational healing tools as a daily routine to the overall maintenance of my health, stamina, and glow.

I encourage you to read the description box under the products offered on the website. I DO NOT claim to be a medical professional, I just know what has worked for me and my clients over the years and I have expanded this knowledge to create the items represented on this website based on study, trial, and results. Please feel free to contact us at mothacivshatchings@gmail.com with any questions or concerns you may have. And as always, talk to your doctor or your specific health care practitioner if need be, before consuming any Motha Civ’s product.