Energy is Everything

Since we and everything around us is energy and vibrating, we must also be connected with everything. We are entangled. When we are aligned with higher vibrational energy, we can communicate. It's a subtle passing of information amongst one another. With our products mental and emotional blockages are removed. Opening your energy field up to absorb this information that is healing, inspirational, soothing and instrumental in helping to release and receive healthier ways of living.

Healing through vibration

We believe in harmony

Balance is when you are whole within yourself. When you have observed and allowed room for all of you, mind body spirit and the many faculties of the whole. How is harmony attained? Our 4 step way of bringing balance back is to Observe, Reflect, Question, Revise or Release. Our Products do just that, yet not alone but with the assistance of Higher Vibrational Energies. We Intentionally make everything with LOVE which is the highest frequency. Entangled with water, herbs, sound bowls, crystals, music, enchantments and much more we create Magic. Motha Civ's Hatchings is Vibrational Healing, delivering energy medicine back to the world.